Home Staging

Orlando Home Staging is for the Serious Seller!.

Decorating is optional.
Staging is Mandatory!

- Remodel By Designers

Do you know the difference between Staging and Decorating?

Staging is preparing a home for sale by
de-personalizing it and making it appealing
to potential buyers.

Decorating is personalizing your home to
your taste so that you will enjoy living there.

We Do Both!

Why Home Staging Works:

  1. Staged Homes Sell for Top Dollar
  2. Staged Homes Sell Faster
  3. Staged Homes look better than their Competition
  4. Home Staging costs far less than your first price reduction
  5. Buyers perceive Staged Homes as well cared for
  6. Photos of Staged Homes look better in Internet and Print Advertising
  7. Realtors prefer to show a staged home as it is ready to Sell and buyer friendly
  8. Staging Sells a Lifestyle, not four walls and a roof
  9. Staged Homes appraise higher in most cases

You can count on Remodel By Designers LLC to have your Home Staging in Orlando on time and withing your budget.